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In Brief

In Brief


On the 23rd of October 1909, fifty nine of the earliest Ladies' Collegians met at Fairfield House Union Place, Colombo and officially inaugurated the Old Girls' Union.

President Miss T. A. Maartensz (Mrs Leslie de Saram)
Hony. Secretaries Miss Patty Pinto (later on the staff as Mrs Lobo)
Miss Louise Pieris (Mrs. G.L. Cooray)
Hony. Treasurer Miss E. Henry
Miss V. Wambeck (Mrs V.T. Dickman)
Editors Miss Maheswari Arunachalam
Miss Ethel A. Joliffe
Miss Ethel Dias Abeysinghe (Mrs. Stephen Dias Bandaranaike)

Founder Members in 1909

  1. Theodora Maartensz
  2. Irene Johnson
  3. Pattie Pinto
  4. Louse Pieris
  5. Ethel Dias-Abeysinghe
  6. Ethel Joiffe
  7. Maheswarie Arunachalam
  8. Vickie Wambeck
  9. Elsie Henry
  10. Miss Browne
  11. Miss Netta Raffel
  12. Eva Anthonisz
  13. Irene Janz
  14. Evadne Gunasekera
  15. Maguerite Fryer
  16. Bernice Peiris
  17. Miss M Hall
  18. Hilda de Silva
  19. Ella de Silva
  20. Majorie Schokman
  1. Dagmar de Silva
  2. Trixie Harris
  3. Louise Raffel
  4. Miss Horsely
  5. Charlotte Fernando
  6. Banu Banerjee
  7. Daisy Hepponstall
  8. Flora Jall
  9. May Martensz
  10. Jeanette Martensz
  11. Georgina Pedris
  12. Edieth Perera
  13. Cara Kelaart
  14. Parameswari Arunachalam
  15. Dora Slater
  16. Deeanor Gunasekera
  17. Annie Goonetilleke
  18. Edith Wambeek
  19. Rachel Christoffelsz
  20. Trixie Kelaart
  1. Elaine Herft
  2. Sylvia Herft
  3. Violar Herft
  4. Helene Herft
  5. Sophia Silva
  6. Charlotte Hewawithane
  7. Ruth Ondatje
  8. Elsie Ondatje
  9. Edith Ondatje
  10. Mildred Perera
  11. Daisy de Soysa
  12. Bella de Soysa
  13. Gladys Wright
  14. Elsie Welsh
  15. Glayds Oxton Jones
  16. Daisy Oxton Jones
  17. Vivienne Perera
  18. Muriel Corea
  19. Nellie Raffel


On the 10th May, the School moved from Fairfield House, Union Place to the premises on Flower Road, then called "The Fernery".

1917 - 1950

From 1917, for reasons unknown, the Principal of the School took on the post of President of the OGA. This changed in 1957 when the position reverted back to the OGA. The Vice President, however, continued to be appointed from the OGA membership.

Although records of activities are not available from the period 1917 to 1920, it is indicated that from 1920 onwards, the old girls donated funds for the needs and development of the School.

1916 - Nixon Memorial Library (original library) was built by the OGA.

1921 - President and Secretary were accommodated on the stage at the School prize giving for the first time, representing the OGA.

1933 - Donation of Altar Rails was made to the Chapel in memory of Miss Whitney

1950 - At the Golden Jubilee Festival of the School, a large donation was made in aid of the Gwen Opie Science Block.

1950 – At the Jubilee Thanksgiving service on the 14th of February (Founders' Day), OGA presented memorial tablets which the Bishop of Colombo dedicated in memory of Miss Nixon, Miss Whitney and Miss Gwen Opie.

1950 - At the Jubilee Prize Giving, Mrs. Leslie de Saram, the first President of the OGA unveiled a portrait of Miss Gwen Opie.

1953 - OGA staged a play “Women Have their Way” by Quintero. A donation was made to the Building Fund.

1955 - OGA Sports Club was inaugurated.

1955 - First Dinner Dance “Pink Champagne” organized by Siva Obeyesekera was held at the Grand Oriental Hotel. Proceeds were donated to the Sports Pavilion.

1956 - Annual Dinner Dance “Mexicana” organized by Siva Obeyesekera was held at the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

1957 - Benefit Show “A Town Like Alice” was held and net proceeds donated to the Building Fund.

1957 - OGA reverted to electing the President from the OGA membership. First President was Lady Coomaraswamy.

1958 - Benefit Show was held at Regal Theatre and proceeds donated to the Building Fund.

1958 - Golden Jubilee of the OGA. Jubilee Dinner was held in November.

1960 - Entrance gates to School were donated by the OGA on Founders' Day.

1962 - Annual Dinner Dance, ‘Fascination’, was organized by Manel Abeyesekere and proceeds donated to the Building Fund.

1965 - Tea Party was held to felicitate Wimala Kannangara and Siva Obeyesekera, Members of Parliament.

1965 - Annual Dinner Dance, ‘Sakura’ was organized by Manel Abeysekera and a donation made to the Building Fund.

1966 - Scholarship Fund was established and five scholarships given to deserving students in Form II to Form VI A. The cost of the scholarship included fees and books.

1966 - Annual Dinner Dance, ‘Yuletide’, was organized by Pathma Thamothera.

1967 - Annual Dinner Dance, ‘Tropical Magic’, was organized by Flower de S. Munasinghe and proceeds donated to the Building Fund.


Memorial Service was officiated by Rt. Rev. Cyril Abeynaike in the Chapel to mark the 25th anniversary of Miss Opie’s passing.

Kandy Branch Sub-Committee was inaugurated on 7th June.

OGA Diamond Jubilee Festival was held in August and a donation made to the Scholarship Fund.

OGA Diamond Jubilee Dinner was held at the Hotel Taprobane in November.

1970 - Amendment to the Constitution of the CMS Governing Body was made to include the following article – “A member of the OGA should be elected to serve on the CMS Board of Governors".

1971 - Kandy Branch Association of OGA was formally inaugurated on 25th March at the Trinity College Principal’s Bungalow and a donation was made to the Deaf and Blind School.

1972 - Miss Rita Opie was fêted during a visit to Colombo.


A get together was held to welcome Miss Mabel Simon and to say good bye to Mrs. Nalini McIntyre (Vice Principal).

London UK Branch Association of the OGA was formally inaugurated on 11th February.


An event, ‘Sound of Drums’ was held and a donation made to the School.

A get together was held with the Kandy Branch in the Peradeniya Gardens on 16th February.

OGA presented a request to the CMS Governing Body to have a separate Board of Governors for Ladies’ College.


A dinner organized by the OGA, assisted by the PTA and Staff was held in the Old Hall, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the School.

‘LC FAIR 75’ was held to raise funds to establish a Vocational Institute.


The Governing Body granted Ladies' College an Advisory Committee for the School. President OGA was an Ex-Officio member of this Committee.

On 15th July, the School arranged a thanksgiving service and special assembly to felicitate Siva Obeyesekera on her appointment as Minister of Health.

Annual Dinner was organized by Dushyanthi Wijewardene held in the Old Hall with a fashion show and carols.


A variety entertainment show, ‘My Way’, was organized by Dushyanthi Wijewardene and a donation made towards the Hostel.

Christmas Fare was organized by Siva Obeyesekere.


‘Pop Spectacular’ event was organized by Rohini Yoheswaran.

Annual Dinner Dance ‘FIESTA 78’ was held.

Garden Party was held to bid farewell to Lord Bishop Rt. Rev. Cyril Abeyenaike and to welcome Lord Bishop Rt. Rev. Swithin Fernando.

A Special Assembly was held in May to celebrate Mrs. Sirancee Gunawardane’s 25 years of service to the School.


‘BEAT 79’ event was organized by Jeevamani Gabriel and Kumari Jinadasa.

International Buffet was organized by Sheila Fernando.

Annual Dinner Dance, ‘Christmas Cracker’ was organized by Aurasie Mendis.

‘Foreign Donations’ was organized by Dushyanthi Wijewardene.

Founders' Day was celebrated with sports activities between past with present girls. Two challenge plates were awarded.


80th Anniversary of the School. ‘Talent Asia Fair’ was organized by the OGA and included 75 stalls.

Founders' Day service with Holy Communion was held on 13th February, followed by a fellowship breakfast with School staff in Gaster House.

Miss Rita Opie was chief guest at the AGM. Miss Opie’s birthday was celebrated by cutting a birthday cake.

Annual Dinner Dance, ‘Autumn Leaves’ was organized by Lalitha Rajapakse.


A service in the Chapel was held following the AGM and the blessing of new curtains behind altar which was gifted by the UK Branch took place.

Annual Dinner Dance, ‘LC NITE 1981’, was organised by Sheila Fernando.


Opening of the Department of Vocational Studies. The plaque read “The Old Girls' Association Commemorates the 75th Anniversary of Ladies’ College by assisting in the establishment of the Department of Vocational Studies”.

‘Sirancee Gunawardena’ Block was opened by the Rt. Rev. Swithin Fernando, Bishop of Colombo, on 29th January 1982.

Annual Dinner Dance, ‘LC Nite 82’ was organised by Selvaranee Mather and Mrs. Lilamani Wanigasekera.


Chapel Organ Fund Appeal was organised by Kamala Pillai.

‘Fiesta 83’ and Ikebana Exhibition was organised by Lalitha Rajapakse.

Electric organ gifted by the OGA was consecrated at the Founders’ Day Service on 10th February.

A complete Public Address system was gifted to the School.

An intercom telephone system was gifted to the School.

OGA family picnic was organised by Lalitha Rajapakse. 126 persons participated.

The OGA’s 75th anniversary celebrations were held on 9th October, which commenced with a Thanksgiving Service.


OGA hosted a breakfast to celebrate the OGA’s 75th Anniversary, followed by a well-attended lunch. The anniversary cake was cut by Nilgiria and C. W. Dias.

Trustees of the OGA Trust were elected at the Special General Meeting to operate the two trusts – the Chapel Trust and the OGA Trust, in addition to the ex-officio members, the Principal, Vice Principal and the President OGA.

Appeal was launched by the OGA to commemorate its 75th Anniversary by establishing “OGA House” to accommodate a fully equipped ‘Tuck Shop’ room and meeting hall for the OGA and a sports pavilion.

75th Anniversary Dance was organised by Sheila Fernando.

Special General Meeting was held on 30th July. Amendment to the constitution to revert to the original date of founding of the Association (23rd October) for the Annual General Meeting was passed.

75th Anniversary Fair was organised by Siva Obeyesekera to collect funds to establish the 75th Anniversary project and to equip a new block of classrooms.

75th Anniversary Dinner followed the AGM in the Old Hall on 22nd October.

75th Annual Dinner Dance was organised by Sheila Fernando.


Family picnic to Palm Village Hendala took place.

Donation of bird bath for chapel grounds was made - funded by the collection from the Founders’ Day service 1984.

Proceeds from the 75th Anniversary Fair were presented to the Principal.

Trust deed of the OGA Trust was signed on 2nd October. Decision was made that the OGA Representative on the Governing Body be ex-officio member of the OGA Committee.


Coffee morning ‘Hot Topics’ was organised by Sheila Fernando. A donation was made to the Building and Equipment Fund.

An event, ‘Polar’, was organised by Senani de Silva, Shermila Rajaratnam and Laila Ismail and proceeds were donated to the Building and Equipment Fund.

Raffle Draw was organised and proceeds donated to the Building and Equipment Fund.

Fellowship Dinner was organised by Rukmani Peries and held at Hotel Intercontinental.


Donation was made to the Swimming Pool Fund.

Family picnic was held at Neptune Hotel.

Fellowship Dinner was held at Hotel Lanka Oberoi.

A Food Fiesta was organized by Priti Fonseka at the Womens’ International Club Premises for the Jaipur Foot Fund.


Family Picnic to Pegasus Reef was organized by Premalatha Abeyasinghe.

OGA Dance “LC Night 88” was held and proceeds presented to the Principal.

A Home and Garden Exhibition was organized by Siva Obeyesekere and a donation made to the Principal.

Donation of books was made to the Library.


Monies were donated to the School for the Opie Memorial Scholarship.

Committee was appointed to liaise with: (1) the Principal; and (2) the PTA.

Constitutional Committee was appointed to consider amending the Constitution.

Committee was appointed to look into discrepancies between the constitution and the trust deeds.

‘Sharing Skills’, a program for Advanced Level students, was organised by Christine Chanmugam, Rukmani Peries and Susheela Gunaratnam.

Monies were donated for flood relief.

Kandy OGA Branch 20th anniversary celebrations were held, for which 10 members from Colombo attended.

Tennis matches were held between old girls and present girls.

Games Day was organised with lunch. Games included Tennis, Hockey, Netball, Volley Ball, Table Tennis, Relays etc.


A seminar on ‘Leadership, Motivation and Public Speaking’ was held, at which Jezima Ismail, Chris de Saram and Mansoor Ghouse were speakers.

Founders’ Day celebrating the 90th anniversary of Ladies’ College was held. Chief Guest at the OGA lunch was Mrs. S. Gunawardane.

Lunch and ice cream were donated to the elders in St. Nicholas Home and Lankadhara Home. Workshop on ‘Invitation to Growth’ was organised by Priyanthi Fernando.

A Sports Foundation was established.


Thanksgiving service was held on 14th June for Siva Obeyesekera, on being awarded the Deshamanya title. Service was followed by a fellowship.

Tennis Tournament was held against Bishop’s College Past Pupils Association.

Thanksgiving service was held after the bomb blast at JOC in June.

"LC Walk 91" was held.

Fellowship Dinner was held at Galle Face Hotel.


Chapel was rededicated on Founders’ Day after the bomb blast.

Passiontide and Easter Music was held in the Chapel by the OGA Choir.

The OGA Room was handed over to the OGA by the Principal.

“Sarabande” Fundraiser was held at Ramada Renaissance.

Family Picnic was held at Tangerine Beach Hotel Kalutara.

Fellowship Dinner was held at Hotel Taj Samudra.

Swimming Pool was opened.


Tennis Courts were opened.

Family Picnic was held at Royal Oceanic Hotel, Negombo.

Fellowship Dinner was held at Galle Face Hotel.


Food Fair and Dinner Dance were cancelled.

Soundari Kanapathipillai, Marina Sathanathan and Shermila Rajaratnam were felicitated for 25 years of service to the School at the OGA Founders' Day Lunch.

Donations in kind were collected from the Committee for the Suhada Home, Kotte.

Fundraiser, ‘Carousel’, was held at the Hilton Hotel on 15th September.

Monies were donated to the Army for purchase of medical equipment.


Founders' Day service was held at 7.30 am, followed by breakfast, cookery demonstration, netball match and lunch.

Easter Cantata “Messiah, True and Faithful” was held by the OGA choir. Entrance was by program.

Fellowship Dinner was held on 16th December.


Professional Advancement of Academic Staff Workshops were arranged for Primary and Middle School teachers.

“LC Splendor” Dance was organized.

Joint Carol Service was held with the School to bid farewell to Mrs. Sirancee Gunawardena.

Farewell Dinner to Mrs. Sirancee Gunawardena was held on 9th December at Galle Face Hotel.


“LC Classics” was held and proceeds donated to the Scholarship Fund.

OGA Carol Service collection was donated to House of Joy, Talawa.


Dinner Dance ‘Fragrance of Jasmines’ was held on 3rd July at Hotel Lanka Oberoi.

“Christmas Fare” followed the Carol Service.


Dinner was held at Hotel Lanka Oberoi.

Fellowship Dinner was held on 13th December.


Donations were made for the cost of two artificial limbs for disabled soldiers through the Denzil Kobbekaduwa Trust.

‘LC Classics II’ was held and donation made to the Trust Fund.

Miss G. F. Opie’s grave was sealed and a Service of Thanksgiving was held at the graveside on her birthday (9th December).

Thanksgiving service for Miss Simon was held on her birthday (23rd March) in the Chapel.

OGA Inter-house Sports Meet was held in the Back Garden.

Motor Rally was held.

2003 – 2005

‘LC Walk’ was held on 7th August 2004 organised by Chairperson, Ms. Shiralee Hallock.

Proceeds from the walk and donations from Old Girls in North East USA were gifted to the School to help renovate the Hostel and Nursery.

Donation was made towards the purchase of a School Bus.

Tsunami victims were remembered at the Founders’ Day service. Lunch and celebrations were cancelled.

Tsunami fund for voluntary donations was opened. Recipients were identified with the help of the Vanguard Foundation and the money dispensed to them in Kosgoda and also in the East via Survivors Association.

Lunches packed by OGA members in the Hostel dining room three times a week were supplied to tsunami refugees for a period of three weeks.

The table tennis room in the Sports Pavilion was handed over to the OGA and renovated.

2005 – 2007

OGA Room was blessed by the Chaplain, after the Founders’ Day service.

Opening of the OGA Room was celebrated with kiribath and coffee served to the members.

Dinner Dance was organised by Dr. Deepthi Attygalle and held on 29th July 2006 at Water's Edge.

Thanksgiving Service was held for the life and work of Mrs. Sirancee Gunawardana on her birthday (27th November).

Plaque was unveiled in the new hall renaming it, ‘Mabel Simon Hall’ preceding the AGM held on 25th October 2007.

2007 – 2008

OGA Room was furnished with curtains, new chairs and tables and two steel cupboards. The room was made available to Old Girls on hire.

Founders’ Day Service was followed by a Special General Meeting to make amendments to the Constitution.

An evening of fashion and music, ‘ECLAT’, was organised at the Holiday Inn.

Conditions for the award of scholarships was established.

Christmas Party was held for senior old girls and retired teachers in the School Hostel.

Centenary Committee was appointed to help organize events for the OGA’s Centenary year.

Website was developed to be launched on Founders’ Day on 14th February.


Centenary Celebrations


An evening was held for the seniors on 24th November to which retired teachers were invited.

Centenary Annual Fellowship Dinner was held on 16th December at the Trans Asia Hotel.

Founder’s Day service encompassed the unveiling of tablets in memory of Ms. Simon and Mrs. Sirancee Gunawadena in the Chapel.

Website lcoga.lk was launched in the Mabel Simon Hall.

Founders’ Day Lunch was held.

Campfire was held on 27th March in the School grounds focused on encompassing the whole Ladies’ College tribe, bringing together students, parents, teachers and Old Girls. 850 tickets were sold.

Centenary Ball, organised by Shiralee Hallock, held on 24th July at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel. Proceeds were donated to the Scholarship Fund.

The fourth seniors’ event on 31st July was attended by the over seventies in the School grounds.

Needs of the IDP Camps were funded from donations made by members in Sri Lanka as well as members overseas to the Kollupitiya Methodist Church.

Remembering the Past

The name board Ladies’ College OGA was affixed above the entrance door and the list of past Presidents of the OGA was engraved on a wooden panel in the OGA Room.

The OGA Centenary Oration in memory of Lilian Nixon was delivered by Prof. Savitri Goonesekere on 15th October 2009 at the Mabel Simon Hall. She spoke on ‘Women's Education: a Pioneer's Vision’.

OGA Birthday Celebrations on 24th October commenced with a Service of Thanksgiving at The Chapel of the Hope of the World, followed by the laying of the foundation stone for the School Archives Building by the OGA President Dr. (Mrs.) Deepthi Attygalle.

Centenary Souvenir, edited by Mrs. Dhara Wijayatilake, was launched in the Old Hall.

Centenary AGM was held in the Mabel Simon Hall.

Over 70′s Christmas Serenade 2009 was held in the hostel dining room on 23rd November.

The finale to the OGA Centenary Year, the Grand Centenary Banquet at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel was held on 14th December. Badges were pinned on all past Presidents present at the event, in recognition of their contribution towards the OGA.

2010 – 2012

Quiz Night was held in the Old Hall in March 2012.

‘Pusswedilla Dinner Theatre’ was held in June 2012 at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel.

LC Walk 2010, ‘100 Years Down Flower Road’ was organised to commemorate the relocation of the School to Flower Road in 1910. The walk was jointly organized by the OGA and the PTA and held on 31st July 2013. Over a thousand Old Girls participated. Objective of the walk was to raise funds for the construction of the foundation of the new Sports Complex.

2013 – 2015

Mrs. Dharini Senanayake took up office as President of the OGA in October 2013 and started her term with the annual over seventies Christmas Dinner on 2nd December at the Gaster House.

OGA Christmas Dinner and Felicitation of the Principal, Mrs. Nirmali Wickramasingha was held at the Balmoral Hall at the Kingsbury Hotel.

OGA Sports Meet, was organized by Preethi Adhihetty, and was revived after many years in February 2013 and the proceeds donated contributed towards the purchase of gym equipment for the new Sports Complex.

A further 6 events were organised in 2014, starting with the Founders' Day Service and lunch on 22nd February, the Senior's Avurudu Celebration on 4th April, the 'Shimmer' Dinner Dance which was the main fundraiser for the year on 26th July, the AGM in October, the Seniors' Christmas Dinner and the Annual Christmas Dinner.

The OGA also participated in an Inter OGA Netball Tournament organized by St. Bridget's Convent in March as well as the Amante special 'Indulgence Sunday' event for our Old Girls.

‘Style Twenty 15’, an evening of fashion and entertainment, was held on 29th May at the Galadari Hotel. The evening saw our very own Old Girls walk the ramp in world famous and local apparel brands.

Donation was made towards Phase One of Mrs. Speldewinde’s School reconstruction program in an effort to refurbish and renovate the Staff Room and the School Library.

‘LC Sings’, a sing-a-long was held on 27th September at the Hotel Ramada, Colombo.