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President's Message

President's Message


My Dear Alumnae,

The events of the last one and a half years have been tumultuous for all of us. Our precious island has seen the corona virus devastate families across the country and our hospitals, doctors and nurses overwhelmed by a tsunami of cases.

There is a severe shortage of the required medical equipment in the country and the Ladies’ College Old Girls’ Association (“LC OGA”) organised a fundraiser to support the District General Hospital in Negombo to establish a new High Dependency Unit. We are happy to have made donations of two BI-PAP Machines, a High Flow Oxygen Therapy Unit, Syringe Pumps, Infusion Pumps Nebulisers and other ancillary equipment which will make a significant difference to the number of COVID-19 patients whom the District General Hospital, Negombo can treat.

There is a second, silent pandemic that is also sweeping our country – a mental health crisis caused by the anxiety, stress and isolation caused by the lockdowns and restrictions on movement with which we have been living for over a year. It is a crisis which carries the added burden of being stigmatised, thereby dissuading many people from seeking the help they need. I am glad that we have been able to assist with tackling that stigma, and encourage discussion and understanding of this multi-faceted and insidious problem by conducting two webinars on related aspects of mental health entitled "Mental Health in the time of COVID-19" on 22nd May 2021 and "Parenting during a Pandemic" on 6th June 2021 respectively.

Finally, I reflect on the fact that while this virus has rocked our entire country, it has, by no means, affected everybody equally. While some of us may suffer the inconveniences of lockdowns and the pain of social isolation, there are others amongst us who are dealing with far worse: the death of family members, the devastation of physical health, the loss of income. The ripple effects of the pandemic will be felt for months and years to come.

To those in the extended LC OGA community who may be in need, we invite you to reach out to the Old Girls Trust which was set up specifically for this reason: to help our sisters in their time of need, with dignity, grace and respect. To those who are able to do so, we invite you to donate to the OGA Trust to help your sisters.

Our motto is ‘This is our victory, even our faith’. Our victory cannot be achieved alone. It can only be achieved in solidarity with each other – together, arm in arm, side by side. And our faith, whatever religion we ascribe to, must come from showing love not only to God but to each other as well. So I ask you to join us in showing 'love in the time of Corona' in whatever way you may be able.

That is how we will get through this time together – as one community, one family unbroken.

With love and sincerity to all,

Fathima Aziz


The Ladies’ College Old Girls’ Association