Past Events

112th Annual General Meeting - 23rd October 2021


The 112th Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of the Ladies’ College Old Girls’ Association (“LC OGA”) was held on 23rd October 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent restrictions on gatherings, the Executive Committee decided to hold the AGM via audio-visual means, this year as well. The AGM commenced with the singing of the school hymn, followed by a customary prayer by the Patroness, Mrs. Eesha Speldewinde. A minute’s silence was observed in memory of all old girls and teachers, who had passed away.

Mrs. Fathima Aziz, addressed the membership and explained the reasons for conducting a virtual AGM, while expressing her regret and sadness for not being able to hold any of the OGA’s planned events due to the intensified pandemic. She further went on to mention that every effort had been taken to keep the activities of the membership alive, virtually. Explaining in detail, Mrs. Aziz clarified that all cultural festivals were celebrated and talented old girls were highlighted through online programmes such as ‘star files’ and ‘she means business’. In April 2021, in celebration of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, Mrs. Aziz explained how a team of old girls had risen to the challenge of reliving their school days and coming together to practice diligently and put on a good show for the members, with the guidance of the school’s song and dance teacher and the aid of the hewisi band instruments. In May 2021, a Ramadan video had also been showcased featuring three generations of old girls having ifathar at sunset and partaking of their first meal after the conclusion of the day long fast. The video had addressed the main aspects of the religion. Mrs. Aziz further elaborated, that in June, Vesak and Poson had been celebrated by depicting the main aspects of Buddhism narrated by an old girl and the singing of a beautiful rendition of ‘Danno Budunge’ by a choir of old girls.

Expanding on the COVID Relief Fund initiated by the OGA, Mrs. Aziz thanked all the old girls who responded to the OGA’s appeal and made a special effort to support our Motherland in her time of need. Explaining the finer points, Mrs. Aziz stated that the Kandy Branch of the OGA had made an independent contribution to the Kandy Hospital, while the Past Pupils Association of Victoria and the OGA branch in the UK, together with various old girls across the world had made generous contributions towards this fund. A collection of Rs 6.5 million was raised and Mrs. Aziz explained that these monies were donated to the Negombo General Hospital, to facilitate the purchase of equipment for a recently constructed 32-bed high dependency unit at the hospital.

Addressing the anxiety, stress and depression that many had faced during the pandemic, Mrs. Aziz stated that the OGA had conducted webinars together with professional psychologists on ‘mental health in the time of the pandemic’ and ‘parenting during the pandemic’. Further, a wellness series to invigorate the mind, body and soul was also conducted online for the members.

A video, highlighting all the initiatives during her tenure was shown to the members and Mrs. Aziz concluded her speech by thanking the school administration and highlighting the efforts taken by the committee during the last two years.
Following the President’s address, the Hony. Secretary, Mrs. Nirusha Ranjitkumar Ratnatunga addressed the members with the adoption of the Minutes of the 111th AGM, the Secretary’s Report, the Annual Accounts, the Treasurer’s Report and the Auditor’s Report, Accounts of the OGA Trust and OGA Trust Report, Accounts of the Chapel Trust and the Chapel Trust Report, all of which were proposed and seconded without any issue or questions on the same by the members.

Mrs. Roshanara Page, newly elected President of the Ladies’ College Old Girls’ Association, thereafter, addressed the membership. Following this address, Mrs. Nirusha Ranjitkumar Ratnatunga then proceeded with the confirmation of names for the vacancies of office bearers and the general committee of the LC OGA Executive Committee. Please see page 19 for the list of members of the LC OGA Executive Committee for 2021.

Mrs. Menaka Perera Balendra was reappointed as the OGA representative on the OGA Trust and Ms. Chandrika Wijeratne was reappointed as the auditor for the association, having indicated her willingness to serve another term.

Mrs. Speldewinde subsequently addressed the members and gave a brief overview of the School’s news, underscoring the need for students to maintain a balance and take breaks from their learning devices that were driving online education during this period. Mrs. Speldewinde stated that students were allowed to switch on their cameras and interact with each other, in order to foster, maintain communication and friendships.

Recognising the hard work done by all the teachers, Mrs. Speldewinde informed the members that Educational Consultant, Madawi Amarasinghe, trained and held various workshops regularly for the teachers. She went on to mention that the PTA Secretary, Shyamala Fonseka, addressed all queries from parents and ensured that the matters were addressed with tact and understanding.

Academically, the school had performed very well – one local A/L student was ranked third in the district and fifth in the island and obtained one of the highest Z scores at Ladies’ College, which was 2.99.
Further 13% of students obtained 3 A’s and 12% of the students obtained 2A’s respectively.

At the British A/L programmes 7% obtained 3 A stars and 26% obtained 2A stars and above.
At the local O/L examinations, 16% got 9A’s and 24% obtained 8A’s.

Mrs. Speldewinde educated the members that assessments were carried out to see how well online learning was grasped, while staggered open days were held in school and religious societies carried out various programmes and spiritually engaging sessions, all which aided students during this uncertain time.

Mrs. Speldewinde further reiterated that 99.9% of the teachers, trainers and coaches were double vaccinated.

Speaking on the accolades, Mrs. Speldewinde stated that from March to date, the Ladies’ College English Debating Team had taken part and emerged champions at the N. M. Perera Online Debate and the CIS Debating Championship. Incidentally, they were also placed runners up at the Law Faculty Debate. A student was also chosen to represent Sri Lanka at the World Schools Debating Championship. Students had also taken part at Model United Nations Conferences at which several students had won awards.

Students had also participated at the International Women’s Peace Group art competition and the work of three students had been shortlisted for the final round in Korea. Mrs. Speldewinde went on to state that while two students had been selected to represent Sri Lanka at the FIBA under 18 Women’s Basketball World Championship in Hungary, the tour had been canceled due to COVID. A student had qualified to represent Sri Lanka at the under 17 Asian Schools Online Chess Championship held in the Philippines. A further three students had been selected to represent the country at the World Table Tennis Youth Championship in Oman, but withdrew because of the pandemic.

Addressing a currently relevant issue, Mrs. Speldewinde spoke of a collaboration with Dr. Hans Bilimoria who heads The Grassrooted Trust in Sri Lanka, where parents were advised on the dangers of online use and how to create a safe environment for children. Mrs. Speldewinde further explained that programmes, on cyber challenges were conducted grade-wise from the middle school upwards in an age apocopate child-friendly manner, while the school’s counselor Ms. Navindra was always available to provide help with the emotional challenges faced during the pandemic.

Mrs. Speldewinde also spoke of the school’s COVID fund, which was initiated to aid parents facing financial difficulties during the pandemic and were unable to pay school fees. The OGA made a generous donation of Rs 1 million towards the COVID fund, and a further Rs 1 million towards the Performing Arts Complex, which would house classrooms and special areas for the necessary arts. Mrs. Speldewinde acknowledged the funds given and expressed her thanks and sincere gratitude for the donations made by the OGA in these difficult times.

Mrs. Speldewinde spoke of her roots in the school and OGA and how rewarding it was to give back to our dear school that laid a special foundation in each and everyone of us. She concluded her speech by wishing both the incoming President, Mrs. Roshanara Page and the new School Principal, Mrs. Deepika Dassanyake all the very best, as they both embark on their journey to serve our alma mater.

Mrs. Anisha Wickramasinghe gave the vote of thanks, thus concluding the 112th AGM.